Hurricane Hemp, Florence

Our Florence seed is the first release of our Hurricane Hemp line. Showing us a blend of characteristics from Baox + Otto II, Florence will have lean and lanky buds yet compact stalky branches which help withstand coastal winds. The long, narrow buds will dry faster after rain and will be less likely to break branches in storms.

Florence is a faster finishing, high yielding plant that reeks of Starburst suicide and tooth plaque. She finishes late September to early October with high CBD:THC ratio and stays compact with stalky branches which helps withstand coastal winds. Her lean, lanky structure is less likely to break the branches in storms and dries fast yet yields high because of high number of node sites on branches.

BaOx, Stud Reversal
16.7% (Field Test 10/7/18 )
Otto II
BaOx x Otto II
15.9% (Field Test 10/1/18 )

BaOx, Stud Reversal

Selected for thin structure, quick flowering time (late Sept., early October outdoors) and quick drying time. Purple hues, aromas of Goodyear tires and red Starbursts.

Otto II

These stretched more than average in flower and typically finished no sooner than early October with CBD percentages barely exceeding double digits. Woodsy smells of pine, deet and Old Spice and a yield of over two pounds per plant in the field. Longer, thinner buds that dry out faster. We saw potential to use our strong-willed Baox 1007 to bring out the best. in her.

*While the argument of uniformity with growing clones in the field is a strong point, we choose to use trusted seeds for our feminized seed projects because we find the phenotypic variation in the field helps control pest outbreaks. Most hemp farmers use a monocropping model, a pest's dream, so integrating different phenotypes helps widespread outbreaks.*

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